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Creating a Green Durham

A carbon-neutral community by 2045

Our Region needs bold solutions to tackle the triple threat of climate change, inequality, and public health crisis. I will fight for habitat protection, parks, and sustainability and am committed to making Durham carbon neutral by 2045.

Housing is a right, period. With increasingly limited resources from the state and federal government, we must work with partners to grow the citywide stock of permanent affordable housing and protect and maintain our existing stock.

Building Social Housing and Protecting Tenants
Affordable, accessible, and high quality housing

Long Term Fiscal Planning

Strong finances for decades to come

Supporting our Farmers and Rural Residents

 A vibrant rural economy

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our city from big money interests that are pro-sprawl & anti-environment 



Transparent, Accountable, Responsive

Good government that serves everyone

Durham is a place for all. To achieve anything, I pledge to seek solutions and devise priorities from the bottom up and from rural to urban.

Ending Sprawl and Managing Growth

A walkable sustainable built environment

Our current trend of bulldozing over a square mile of forest and farmland every year for car-dependent sprawl development is unsustainable and unjust to future generations. It's time to end sprawl once and for all.

We must invest and plan now to wisely use limited resources over the long term. Smart planning and capital investments is key to ensuring fairness and accountability for current generations and all those that will follow us.

Our farmers and rural residents are important members of our Durham community. I pledge to support those residents and foster a vibrant and innovative rural economy, with an eye toward producing food locally.

Mobility Justice

Reliable, affordable, convenient for all

Our national, state, and local transportation investments are warped. It's time to dramatically change our transportation priorities. Durham must create reliable, affordable, convenient transit and rebuild our transportation infrastructure for walking and biking, if we are to prosper and provide a high quality of life for all residents.

Economic Fairness

Democratic workplaces and dignified jobs

I am committed to pursuing every tool in the toolbox to raise wages and benefits, create economic opportunities, support collective bargaining, train our workforce, grow good jobs, and pursue worker-ownership solutions.

Vibrant Media Ecosystem
Journalism Vouchers

The disintegration of local journalism comes at the expense of democracy. We need to establish a journalism fund and provide every resident in Durham with an annual twenty-dollar media voucher that can be spent on a local nonprofit news outlet overseen by an independent commission.

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