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An Experienced Urban Planner

Nate is a professional urban planner with a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill.


Throughout my career, I have helped multiple Southern cities initiate truly inclusive, community-driven strategies to address their most pressing issues. I am excited to bring that experience to Durham.

A Durhamite & A Dog-owner

Nate was born and raised in Durham. He attended Durham Public Schools, swam in the Eno River, and played baseball with the North Durham Little League. His rescue pup, Scarlett, has given Nate her full endorsement.

Photo Nov 09, 11 48 17 AM.jpg

Durham is changing fast. I want to help our city grow and evolve while remaining true to its character and respectful of its past. 

Follow our campaign on Instagram for information on important Durham issues (and important Scarlett pics!)

Active, Informed, & Engaged

For over ten years, Nate has been actively invested in regional politics, local policy initiatives, and community organizing.


We must work together, as a community, if we want to solve the many challenges Durham is facing. I will fight to empower all Durham residents - including our historically marginalized populations - and give them the resources they need to shape their own future in our growing city.

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