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Planning for a Sustainable and Equitable Durham

Rapid growth requires sustainable and equitable planning solutions.

I have supported multiple growing cities to implement those solutions successfully,

and I am prepared to plan for Durham as a member of City Council. 


Why Nate

I am a professional urban planner who specializes in helping cities across the South manage their growth in a sustainable and equitable manner.


As a member of Durham's Planning Commission since 2018, I have fought for progressive initiatives like walkability improvements, inclusive planning, and transit-oriented development.


​Born and raised in Durham, I have been actively engaging in regional politics and local community organizing for the past ten years.

Nate's Platform

What does it take to plan a sustainable and equitable city?

Walltown-Northgate Mall.jpg
Plan for People and Communities

Enact real system changes that empower residents to shape the future of Durham.


Get Involved

Getting involved in local politics is an incredible way to make a positive impact on your community and meet like-minded people who share your vision for Durham!

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