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The Experience Durham Needs

I am a professional urban planner who specializes in helping cities across the South manage their growth in a sustainable and equitable manner.

As a member of Durham's Planning Commission since 2018, I have fought for progressive initiatives like walkability improvements, inclusive planning, and transit-oriented development.

I am a Durham native and for the past ten years, I have been actively engaged in regional politics and local community organizing. 

Rapid growth requires sustainable and equitable planning solutions. I have helped multiple growing cities implement those solutions successfully, and I am prepared to do the same in Durham as a member of City Council. 


Empowering Durham Communities

Enact real system changes that allow residents to shape the future of Durham.

Taking Bold Action on Climate Change

Make Durham walkable & carbon-neutral - End suburban sprawl & improve public transit

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Funding & Improving Public Services

Expand parks, greenways, and recreation - Fund the Community Safety Department - Build Social Housing  

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Creating a Green Durham

A walkable, carbon-neutral community by 2045

Transparent, Accountable, Responsive

Good government that serves everyone

Ending Sprawl and Managing Growth

A sustainable, fiscally-responsible built environment

Economic Fairness

Democratic workplaces and dignified jobs

Building and Protecting Social Housing

Affordable, accessible, and high quality housing

Mobility Justice

Reliable, affordable, convenient for all

Universal PreK

A more just early education system

Excellent Education

High quality and inclusive public schools

Vibrant Media Ecosystem

Popular Journalism Vouchers


Getting involved in local politics is an incredible way to make a positive impact on your community and meet like-minded people who share your vision for Durham!


Join Our Team!

Nate is fighting for a greener, more equitable Durham. If that message resonates with you, please consider joining our growing team of volunteers!


Be a Poll Greeter!

Greeting people at the polls is incredibly easy and actually pretty fun (especially when you bring dogs and friends)! It also is one of the best ways to help Nate win!

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Vote (for Nate!)

Durhamites, this is our chance to elect a leader who has made climate action and economic equality the pillars of his platform. Vote for Nate.


Positive engagement on social media is one of the most powerful ways to support a grassroots campaign like ours. We understand that you don't want to see an endless stream of policy proposals and calls to action, however, so we do our best to include as many #DogsForNate pictures as we possibly can. 


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Support Our People Powered Campaign

We are in a competitive race and we are going to win it the right way. That means no contributions from corporations or big developers. Instead, we are relying on donations from individuals like you.

Want to support Nate but can't make a donation today?

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