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Creating a

Vibrant Media



  • Independent journalism is essential to empowering our community with unbiased and accurate information.

  • I will establish a $20 annual voucher that Durham residents can contribute to a local nonprofit media source of their choice.

  • The voucher will be funded by tax dollars and monitored by an independent commission.


The challenge of holding government and special interests accountable is daunting, but we must take action. In the Triangle, and around the country, access to free, fair, high quality, and independent journalism is in a rapid decline.


When I was growing up in Durham, many households subscribed to and received the Herald Sun and/or the News and Observer for $15-20 per month. These papers had many local journalists conducting investigations and writing stories with relatively objective in-depth reporting. Over the past decade, our local media ecosystem has been decimated. Journalists have been laid off, and those that are working are working long hours for inadequate pay. There are major stories being missed, and often journalists do not have the time to understand and adequately report key context for stories. Meanwhile, many people are getting their news from social media or from biased sources.

Now is the time to establish Democratic Journalism Vouchers to allow residents to use tax dollars to support independent investigative local journalism, empowering them with better information for informed objective decision-making. Each resident will be offered a $20 annual voucher that they can direct toward a non-profit local media source of their choice. An independent commission will be established to write the rules and oversee the voucher’s implementation. 


I am fighting for a greener and more equitable Durham that empowers residents with knowledge and makes government and special interests accountable. If that message resonates with you, please consider volunteering or donating to my campaign. Thank you for your support. 

                                                                      - Nate


Social media has taken over as one of our only sources of information. That’s a problem.

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