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Join Our
People-Powered Campaign

We are in a competitive race and we are going to win it the right way. That means no contributions from corporations or big developers. Instead, we are relying on a team of passionate volunteers who share our vision for a local government that truly represents the interests of everyday Durham citizens. 

As a volunteer for this campaign, your time will always be valued. Your life is busy, and in exchange for giving us some of your time, we have a responsibility to use it well. 

I look forward to meeting you in person and talking more about how we’re going to win this race - and how we’re going to use that victory to help move our city forward.

Thank you,



We Need Poll Greeters!

What does a poll greeter do?

A poll greeter stands outside of polling locations and represents our campaign to the people walking in to vote. You can simply hold a sign and pass out flyers, or you can get more involved and answer questions from interested voters.

Why is it important?

With 15 candidates and 5 open seats, the biggest challenge we face is name recognition. If a voter sees a friendly face holding a 'Nate For Durham' sign as they walk in, they will be much more likely to check his box on the ballot!

How do I sign up/How long is a shift?

We made an easy sign-up sheet that has all of the polling locations with different dates and time slots. You can fill that out here:

Join Our Volunteer E-mail List!

Thanks for joining! We'll be in touch.

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